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KEIGH administration referral policy - “KRP”

Keigh Administration is continually looking for new and innovative ways to attract and retain clients. That is why we have introduced our unique Referral Programme for our Payroll Services.

The referral programme works as follows, for every new client that you introduce to and signs-up with Keigh Administration for payroll services; you earn 20 percent commission on the fee Keigh earns from that client. This commission will be paid to you every month for 12 months, that is, if the client remains with Keigh for 12 months or longer. That’s right – 20 percent commission every month for 12 months!

An example would be:

If Keigh’s fee is R10 000 each month,
You earn R10 000 x 20 % = R2 000 a month,
That is R2 000 x 12 Months = R24 000 over a year.

You are able to refer as many clients to Keigh Administration as possible and for each client referred, a contract is signed between Keigh Administration and yourself. There is no limit with the number of referrals you provide Keigh Administration, so after a few months of referrals, you could have a substantial passive income. Imagine this passive income paying off your car, house or other debts significantly quicker.

A referral consists of you acting as a broker between Keigh Administration and new clients for Payroll outsourcing. This means contacting prospective clients, introducing them to Keigh Administration and our services, setting up a meeting between Keigh Administration and the prospective client and ensuring they sign on as clients of Keigh Administration. This will constitute as a referral.

This is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home, a part time job, anyone who deals with businesses regularly, recruitment consultants, brokers or people who just keep this offer in mind for any opportunities. Anybody can take advantage of this opportunity! A passive income over a year, no matter what amount, is a great thing!

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